Haide Shirzady Gilani-Lempges                     

Born in Gilangharb, Kermanshah, Iran

Educated in 2 engineering courses:

     International Agriculture and Environmental Ecology in Germany

     PhD Subject: Compost Fertilizer, Suitable for Countries like Iran

CEO of Recycling and Composting Kermanshah Company (RCK Co.) by cooperation of Kermanshah Municipality

Performing the Kermanshah Waste Recycling Project, and giving consulting and supervision services to many cities of Iran.



Some of most important awards:


International Awards

  • International Women Entrepreneurs Award for IWEC 2016 (International Women Entrepreneurs Challenge 2016) in Brussels, Belgium, November 2016.
  • Women Entrepreneurs Award from European Union for EBC*L 2016 (European Business Competence License) in Paris, France, November 2016.
  • Brand Reputation and Competent Company Award from European Union for EBC*L 2017 (European Business Competence License) in Vienna, Austria, 2017.
  • Torch-bearer for PyeongChang 2018 Olympic winter games, South Korea, December, 2017.
  • Selected as one of the world's 100 most influential women in the field of women entrepreneurs, 2019.
  • Selected as one of the entrepreneurs in GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) – 2019/2020 Global Report. 



  • Making documentary of "Land of Elites", 2010.
  • Screening "Mother of the Earth", about life and work of Haide Shirzady as an environmental activist, by Karestan Group, 2016.


National Awards

  • National Prize for Environment, June 2003.
  • Winner of 3 years Index Prizes for Waste Management in Iran, 2004-2006.
  • Superior National Entrepreneur in Iran, 2006.
  • Distinguished Elite Woman of the year 2007.
  • Superior Article in National Congress of Waste Management, 2007.
  • Selected Lady for Industry, Mine and Trade of Iran, March 2013.
  • National Award for Eco-City, March 2013.
  • National Award for Economic Entrepreneurial Leader in the Second Festival of Entrepreneurs, March 2015.
  • Ethics Award in the Mirror of Art and Research, June 2017.
  • Award of the R & D Center for Industry at the 6th Research & Technology Festival of Industry, Mining and Trade, Dec. 2018. 
  • Leading Researcher Award in the 15th Dr. Taghi Ebtekar Award, October 2020.
  • Science Award of Mehregan for the effort in the field of environment, March 2021.