1. Making "Karestan" Documentary on the Subject of Entrepreneurship Was Started By the Presence of Mahnaz Afzali in Kermanshah 

"Karestan" is series of documentaries about Iranian entrepreneurs which has been provided under the supervision of Rakhshan Bani-Etemad and Mojtaba Mir-Tahmasb, with participation of "The Entrepreneurship Development Foundation for Women and Youth (EDF)" and in cooperation with great documentaries in the form of 26 independent documentaries about successful Iranian entrepreneurs lives.

The first part of these series has been produced while the presence of some directors has been confirmed, such as Bahram Azimpour, Mohsen Abdol-Vahab, Mehdi Ganji and Mahnaz Afzali. These directors have started making documentaries about Ali-Asghar Hajibaba, Gholam-Reza Rasoulian, Saiede Qods , Haide Shirzady and young entrepreneurs in IT.

"This documentary is about efforts of those who could show the value of working in face of many challenges," said Mir-Tahmasb about the purpose of this project. "Transferring their knowledge and experiences can be valuable models for the entire society and especially youth."