Haide Shirzady Speech in Business and Entrepreneurship Conference in the Field of Environment

12th Entrepreneurship Conference with the subject of "Business and Entrepreneurship in the field of Environment" was held in Rasht, Gilan, from 16-17 December 2015, hosted by Association of Iranian Entrepreneurs in cooperation with National Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Tehran Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Department of Women and Family Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Environment and Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare.

With an emphasis on women focusing on environment and green entrepreneurship, topics of the conference included as following:

  • Identifying business opportunities and entrepreneurship in the field of Environment.
  • Studying on challenges of entrepreneurial activities in the field of Environment.
  • Commercializing methods of new ideas in the field of Environment.
  • Dimensions and characteristics of green economy.
  • Cultural-Social influence of women in promoting green businesses.
  • Facilitating rules for promoting and developing of green businesses.
  • Improving production and consumption models in order to achieve green economy appropriate with climate statues.
  • The role and function of ICT in green business development, esp. for college graduated girls.
  • Studying ways to achieve green economy in rural and tribal field with the aim of sustainable development.

Ms. Shirzady explained about the performance of Recycling and Composting Kermanshah Company.