Beginning of Public Training Plan for Waste Separation and Collecting of Packaging, Bulky, Green Spaces, Particular and Textile Wastes

Due to the importance of reducing waste production through correct consumption model, waste separation which is the most important part of waste management plane. 

and in order to reduce waste via proper consumption models, increase the participation of citizens to protect environment and promote environmental culture, and create job opportunities, Kermanshah Municipality began public training plan for waste separation at the origin on April 22, 2015.

In order to perform this plan, 20 pickup trucks with rooms to collect packaging waste, and 7 kiosks to receive packaging waste for those who can't deliver it to the pickups have been purchased.

In the first phase, public training plan for waste separation has been done by face to face training through 50 experts along with media and coincide with distribution of educational pamphlets and brochures and delivery yellow or orange bags to citizens in order to separate packaging waste.